I was reading through a magazine and there was an add for Blue Image Clothing.  Never heard of the company and paid no attention to the add the first couple times.  Eventually i noticed the small writing across the bottom of the page.  Turns out this add for jeans contained one of the greatest things i have ever read.

This scenario kind of sums up the way i think about life.  You need to pay attention to detail, read between the lines  and give things and people a chance to be just what your looking for before you dismiss them.  If you really want to find what your looking for you need to keep your eyes open.

This was the message contained in the add…

The Blind Eye Sees As You See In A Mirror Of Rage

YOU cannot See wHat yOUr mind’s eye refuses to beLieve, anD so the blind eye turns to What it can bElieve to Accept. in effect theRe is no other truth than that which you believe, regardless of its relevance in the grand scope of time. where does reality exist but in the mind? unfortunately the mind can and will believe many things, some the conscious wishes were not so. yet regrettably must be. when the conscious Becomes aware, the reaLity of the world comes into focUs, the rEality within you, the universe that is you and sometimes for unknown reasons the mind’s eye sees what others don’t, believes what isn’t so and accepts, as reality, concepts unfathomed in the universe of others minds. where does reality end and fantasy begin? In the Minds of others, who perceiving your thoughts And actions throuGh their own blind eyEs, translate the feelings and concepts, emotions and actions, into their own reality. what you said is not what I heard. what I heard is not what you said. Is there any way to communicate? is there any truth that Can be shared universaLly? can yOu hear what i’m THinkING? great minds wonder if we exist at all, i wonder, do they?


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